KILIMS and WOMEN 26. September 2019. – Posted in: News

We started weaving of kilims in our workshop in Tuzla in long-past 1993. In 1995, the project “Kilims and Women” symbolically showed the link between Bosnian tradition, beautiful kilim and the work of a woman who wove it.

We presented 15 kilims and 15 women through an exhibition and in a catalogue.

We did it because

  • KILIMS have mutual features:
    • each one of them is a quality hand-made product, and each has its own beauty.
  • WOMEN have mutual fate:
    • each of these women lived through a personal tragedy in the past war…

They were all expelled from their homes, they lost their dearest ones (sons, husbands, brothers, fathers…).

At the same time, each of them presents a symbol of female determination to overcome suffering, to keep up creating better living conditions and to impact the future through work.

This is why, from that moment on, KILIMS and WOMEN go on together; kilims bear the names of the women who wove them in this project.

We presented the first 15 kilims which are only a part of our rich selection of beautiful kilims. These were 15 out of thousands of Bosnian women of similar fate.


Have a look at the first 15 of Bosfam’s kilims: