BOSFAM Center Tuzla

A place for agreement, a place for conversation, a place for socializing, a place where you are always welcome exists:

That place is our Center in Tuzla…

It is a place where new friendships are made and old ones maintained

It is a place where new ideas are made and realized

It is a place where both happiness and sadness are shared


It is a place where the motto of Bosfam is realized:

We work, we hang out,

We help ourselves and others.

Come join us!


The Center also has a workshop as well as an area for the display and selling of products so you can see how beautiful handicrafts are made and so you can, if you want, purchase some of them…

We are especially proud of the workshop where the kilim rugs – both traditional ones and the ones with a modern design – are made as well as of the constant display of kilim rugs.