Galerija ćilima sjećanja
  • Ćilim sjećanja 1: Ćilim tkalja
  • Ćilim sjećanja 2: Ćilim Srebrenice
  • Ćilim sjećanja 3: Ćilim učitelja
  • Ćilim sjećanja 4: Ćilim dijaspore
  • Ćilim sjećanja 5: Ćilim bosanskih amerikanaca
  • Ćilim sjećanja 6: Ćilim BOSFAM-ove rodbine
  • Ćilim sjećanja 7: Ćilim Bratunčana
  • Ćilim sjećanja 8: Petriča Ćilim
  • Ćilim sjećanja 9: Ćilim grada Srebrenice
  • Ćilim sjećanja 10
  • Ćilim sjećanja 11
  • Ćilim sjećanja 12: Ćilim Potočara
  • Ćilim sjećanja 13: Ćilim Zvornika
  • Ćilim sjećanja 14: Ćilim djece
  • Ćilim sjećanja 15: Ćilim Žena
  • Ćilim sjećanja 16: Ćilim porodice
  • Ćilim sjećanja 17: Ćilim 20. godišnjice
Ćilim sjećanja 1: Ćilim tkalja

The first Srebrenica Memorial Quilt commemorates 20 victims of the Srebrenica genocide.  These individuals were the family members of the women of BOSFAM.

The first quilt contains no last names and the women of BOSFAM dedicate this quilt to all the victims who share the first names of their loved ones.  Subsequent quilts have the first and last names of the individuals being commemorated.  In cases where multiple individuals had the same first and last name, the initial of their father’s first name is also woven on the carpet.



Our desire is to return some form of each victim’s identity, thus creating a permanent memorial.  No mother gave birth to “Missing Person #XXXX.”  This is our way of commemorating the victims of the genocide and supporting those who knew and loved them.  We wish to thank everyone who has and continues to support this project.

-Women of BOSFAM